A Fresh Take on Movement

What is The Spot?

Dance Classes, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, and Mentoring – all within the one Spot. Combining these elements, The Spot creates a dynamic space where students can explore movement on a new level.


Our studio is designed to inspire you, motivate you, and connect you to feel the best you can while creating friendships and experiences through your classes. Each class will focus on different goals and challenges depending on the style and teacher. Whether you’re a mother wanting your kids to have a positive and friendly space; a beginner who is new and just wants to discover a fun way to exercise and socialise; or a developing dancer wanting to push your limits and be a part of both the corporate world and competition world, we have created classes for all these needs.


The Spot is your home, your place, your community, somewhere you get the quality services you want – but more importantly; a home isn’t somewhere you go to, it’s somewhere you come back to.

Our Classes

We offer a range of styles including Jazz, Commercial, Breaking, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Heels, and more!

With experienced teachers and high quality facilities.

We cater to all levels of dancers from absolute beginners to experienced dancers.

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Our mentoring system is designed to create a team of highly skilled teachers that can offer amazing classes while catering to the students needs. This mentoring system will have experienced teachers teamed up with beginner teachers to develop teaching, analysis and training techniques that they can apply in their classes. At The Spot we provide the best for our teachers AND our students.

Venue Hire

The Spot is multi faceted and there is no other space like it in Perth. It is available for full venue hire or as a combination of two different spaces. With sprung floors, large mirrors and the highest quality speakers. This space can be used for events, classes or host functions. Facilities include two studios, open reception space and a practice space. We are located in the heart of Leederville 3 minute walk to the train station. For more details and information on studio hire and rates please contact info@thespotperth.com

Our location

Drop by to check out the studio:

2/220 Carr Place, Leederville, 6007
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